Our Mission

Lack of useful tool for assets management in DeFi (transparent, controlled and trusted Manager - Investor system).

  • Lack of Manager control

  • Manual fees calculation and collection

  • Manager has access to Investors funds

  • Time-consuming Fund registration

  • Expensive funds registration

Many of the most lucrative investment opportunities are only accessible for financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals, which further expands the wealth gap across our communities. Unfortunately, the lion share of the world’s population do not have access to private equity, hedge funds, and the world’s top financial advisors and traders.

Company purpose:

  • Implement secure and transparent Investor - Manager system

  • Provide a tool for classic Hedge Funds

  • Automate fees calculation and sharing as well as Audit (AML, KYC, Compliance)

  • Link decentralized Hedge Funds to the fiat world

  • Provide investors with a decentralized hedge fund platform

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